Medical Brigades

Brigade Dates: July 17-24, 2019

We have been taking short-term primary care medical brigades to the El Paraiso region of Honduras since 1999. When in Honduras, our volunteers reflect the face of Christ in our work and relationships with the Hondurans. As a Christ-centered organization, we include an evangelical aspect to our medical ministry offering Christian teachings to any Honduran who chooses to participate.

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To provide medical care we do need doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, EMTs, dentists and pharmacists. We use any kind of medical training. We always need Spanish speaking interpreters, clergy to minister to those who come to our clinics, and non-medical personnel to help with logistics. You may be assigned to pack medication, work in the pharmacy, play with the children, do crowd control, or help with educational projects. We may also have some construction jobs if we are in the midst of building a church.  Non-healthcare workers need not worry about “not being needed.” All that is absolutely required is a willing heart.


Honduras Good Works team members have accepted the call to provide basic medical care for some of God’s children in the El Paraiso region of Honduras on a short medical mission trip. In Honduras these short term missions are called “Brigadas” or Brigades. Our Brigade goes to rural villages in the mountainous areas of El Paraiso. We work primarily in the areas close to the city of Yuscaran. In recent years our team has seen an average of about 2500 patients in 20 villages over the five days of clinics. In Honduras, we work with The Diocese of Honduras, specifically the Deanery of Yuscaran. Other Episcopal churches as well as churches of other denominations (Baptist, Lutheran, and Methodist) often work together with us. The people you serve in Honduras know you are coming as Christians and they will judge you on that basis. We go to Honduras as disciples of “Jesucristo” to proclaim the “Good News” of love and redemption, and we will show this in a physical way with the work that we do.

The areas our Brigade goes into will be, for the most part, where there is an established Episcopal Church. Volunteer workers from the local churches will assist us in each village where we hold clinic. In addition, we have administrative help from the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras, especially from the Dean of Yuscaran – MRP Dagoberto Chacon. We are well taken care of in Honduras and feel very safe in the rural areas where we hold clinics.

Our team uses all types of health care workers and many non-health care workers. You do not have to speak Spanish; translators are provided where needed. For non-healthcare workers there is always plenty to do, including packing medication, working in the pharmacy, playing with the kids, evangelism, or other tasks as assigned. Non-healthcare workers need not worry about “not being needed”; no one has ever complained they didn’t have enough to do!

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