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July 12-19, 2018

On our annual medical trips, we will see on average 2000-3000 patients over the course of a week. We need doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists but we also need people with no special skills other than a willingness to help!


Brigade application

Solicitud de voluntario

Application for Hondurans

Brigade Payments

Full, partial, donations

Document Upload

Passport, DL, medical license

Hygiene Pack

With a $10 donation we can supply a hygiene pack to one of our Honduran patients.


Your $25 donation will help supply vitamins and medicines to our Honduran patients.

Water Filter Project

We are very excited and pleased by the response to the water filter project. With your donations, along with a grant from the Diocese of Texas World Mission Board, we have raised a little over $8000 so far. At this point we are going to suspend further collections until the first 6 months of the project is completed later this year, to allow collection of data regarding the project’s success. While we fully expect that this will be the case, based on the initial pilot, it seems prudent to verify success before asking for more funds. The program is designed to be expanded every 6 months provided it continues to be a successful model, so stay tuned for an update in the fall.


Thanks again for all your support!

Why we need your help …


A $275 donation will allow a student to attend secondary school for a full year! This helps a family to cover the cost of fees, ground transportation, books, school supplies, and uniforms.

News Stories

What I did not expect

I do not even know how to begin telling my story, this was the first time that I had ever been on a mission trip of any kind. It has taken me a couple of months to even begin to be able to express how deeply this trip impacted me.

Medical Brigade 2017

This year’s participants included 65 people from across the USA, 2 from Mexico, and 30 from Honduras! We had 11 American doctors and nurse practitioners, 4 Honduran doctors, 4 Honduran dentists, and 22 Honduran bilingual college students . . .

Meet Selvin Davila

By: Brian McDonough - Board Member Want to know more about how your support of our scholarship program is impacting the lives of young Hondurans? Listen to Selvin Davila, a graduate of our program share his experience and how his education has changed the...

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