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July 12-19, 2018

On our annual medical trips, we will see on average 2000-3000 patients over the course of a week. We need doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists but we also need people with no special skills other than a willingness to help!


Brigade application

Solicitud de voluntario

Honduran application

Brigade Payments

Full, partial, donations

Document Upload

Passport, DL, medical license

Hygiene Pack

With a $10 donation we can supply a hygiene pack to one of our Honduran patients.


Your $25 donation will help supply vitamins and medicines to our Honduran patients.

Water Filter

For $60 we can supply a water filter capable of providing clean water to three families.

Why we need your help …


A $275 donation will allow a student to attend secondary school for a full year! This helps a family to cover the cost of fees, ground transportation, books, school supplies, and uniforms.

News Stories

What I did not expect

I do not even know how to begin telling my story, this was the first time that I had ever been on a mission trip of any kind. It has taken me a couple of months to even begin to be able to express how deeply this trip impacted me.

Medical Brigade 2017

This year’s participants included 65 people from across the USA, 2 from Mexico, and 30 from Honduras! We had 11 American doctors and nurse practitioners, 4 Honduran doctors, 4 Honduran dentists, and 22 Honduran bilingual college students . . .

Meet Selvin Davila

By: Brian McDonough - Board Member Want to know more about how your support of our scholarship program is impacting the lives of young Hondurans? Listen to Selvin Davila, a graduate of our program share his experience and how his education has changed the...

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