CoVid-19 in Honduras

As of 3/29/20 there were 110 cases in Honduras, and three deaths. Needless to say, this is a very fluid time, and the numbers will change daily, as they are in every country. Honduras has  closed its borders to travelers both entering and leaving the country. The people remain at home except for a few essential businesses.  Many are going hungry.  Our students are attempting remote learning;  most are probably using their cell phones for access.  However, this is expensive and likely not available for many. We commend their bravery and committment to their education.

Please keep them all in your prayers!

Brigade 2020 Status

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions to life in the USA and in Honduras, we have postponed the July medical brigade, probably until October.  The specific dates are yet to be determined, but we are prayerfully hopeful that we can acquire the medications and organize a trip then.  Our brothers and sisters in Honduras are in great need, and we hope we can provide medications and dental care then.  Our prayers remain with them, and with all our supporters and volunteers.

Amazing Honduran volunteer tells her story

As a Honduran, you constantly hear about poverty. It’s on the news every day.
You know about it; you know it’s there. It’s not enough to know about it. You
have to witness it, because when you witness it, you are called to do something
about it, which is what happened to me.

Brigade 2020 Postponed

Due to Covid-19's impact on life both in the USA and Honduras, the medical brigade scheduled for July has been postponed, probably until October.  Hopefully by then, we will be at a level where travel is safe, medications are available, and volunteers are willing to...

Scholarship Team

Cindy Smith traveled to Honduras in February to conduct the spring scholarship meeting with students and their parents. February is the beginning of the school year in Honduras. She was met by Selvin Davila and Armando Aguilar, who are graduates of the program and now...

2020 Medical Mission Newsletter #1

HONDURAS GOOD WORKS 2020 MEDICAL MISSION TRIP Welcome to the monthly newsletters regarding our annual Medical Mission trip. This is lengthy, sorry!, but please do read through it now.  The following monthly newsletters should be shorter! CoVid 19: Our first priority...

Will my younger daughter get to go to school???

Cindy Smith,  founder of the scholarship program, shares her musings from one of her recent semi-annual trips to check in with scholarship students and their families: While Brian McDonough works with the students outside on the skits they are going to do, I talk with...

Water Filter Project

Since 2018, Honduras Good Works (HGW) has been placing home water filters with mothers in rural Honduran mountain villages where we have been providing medical care, vitamins to primary school children, and middle/high school scholarships for many years. We have been...

Celebrating 20 Years

In 2019 Honduras Good Works celebrated our 20th year of service to the rural poor of El Paraiso, Honduras. This little video really captures what we are about.

Meet Selvin Davila

Want to know more about how your support of our scholarship program is impacting the lives of young Hondurans? Listen to Selvin Davila, a graduate of our program share his experience and how his education has changed the lives of him and his family. We are excited to...

Hondurans Helping Hondurans

We have 20 to 30 Honduran volunteers who help each year but many can not afford the time off without your help.


Your $25 donation will supply vitamins and anti-parasite medicine to twelve children for one year.

Water Filters

For $96 you can provide a family with a water filter, hygiene education, a follow up visit, and 10 years of clean water!


A $275 donation will allow a student to attend secondary school for a full year!