Scholarship Student Essays

These are essays written by our university scholarship students to let everyone know how they are doing in school and how grateful they are for the opportunity. They were translated by Education Committee member Brian McDonough. If you would like to help, go and make a donation to our Scholarship Fund!


Honduras Good Works
Program: Education
Support: University
Student: Eduar
University: Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán (UPNFM)
Year: 2014

Tegucigalpa M.D.C., July 20, 2014

Esteemed members of Honduras Good Works,

As of this moment I extend to you my cordial Greetings, and likewise for having taken into account my getting a university scholarship, the reason for which I write this letter.

EduarRodriguezI have been a scholarship recipient of the Episcopal Church from the beginning of my studies. At the end of my high school studies I thought that if I decided to go to the university I should do it all on my own, but in Honduras to study and to work is very difficult. My family showed me their support and that motivated me to go ahead with my plans. Currently I am in the second year of my degree plan and it’s been very difficult for me study due to the economic factor.

I’m very happy. Graduating from the university has been one of my dreams. I never imagined receiving support for my studies in the way. I thank God for having found people like you, ready to work so that others can achieve academically. I am extremely thankful and I hope to be able to meet you all one day.

I say good-bye wishing you all the best.


My profile

My name is Eduar. I am 21 years old. I am from the community of El Chaguite Oriente, Yuscarán, El Paraíso. I was born on May 25, 1993. I am the fifth of seven children. My family is in agriculture. My parents have made a great effort for their children to achieve academically, but despite that great effort none of my older siblings have been able to complete their university studies. I lived in the village of El Chaguite Oriente until 2009. Currently I live in Tegucigalpa. I had to change to move there to be able to continue with my studies.

I have been a scholarship recipient of the Episcopal Church in the Deanery of Yuscaran since the year 2008. I started the program studying at the Nuevo Paraíso Multipurpose Institute (High School) in the village of Nuevo Paraíso, Morocelí, El Paraíso. There I finished my basic education, later deciding to pursue the Commercial Education degree at the Jose Pineda Gomez Institute in the colonia of La Joya in Tegucigalpa. Currently I am pursuing the Basic Education degree (teaching) with a focus on CCNN at the Francisco Morazán National Teaching University.


This university is the only one in Honduras and Central America that specializes in teacher training and is very committed to bettering the education in the country utilizing a methodology that for us is new, but en countries with better education is already obsolete. In Honduras there are only two universities that have teacher training programs, the Universidad Pedagógica Francisco Morazán (UPNFM) and the Universidad Autónoma of Honduras (UNAH).

The UPNFM has different types of education degrees, such as Basic Education, Spanish, Mathematics, English, Sciences, Social Science, etc., all of which offer a Bachelor’s Degree which a duration of four years. There is also a range of specializations such as, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees, which can be completed in a year’s time, which permits students to have better preparation in their area of expertise. Graduates from this university are well accepted in the national education system.

I decided to study at this university because I have always liked teaching, it is close to where I currently live, and it’s the best university in Honduras to do it. I have the opportunity to become a teacher and upon graduation be widely accepted to work in the public or private sector.

I go to the university from Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 12:00pm, even though in the current session I saw the necessity of studying from 8:00am to 4:00pm because for the courses I am taking more hours of study are necessary.


The Basic Education degree came about due to recent changes in the national education system. In Honduras it is no longer just about primary and common cycle , but rather a basic quality education. The objective of this degree is to train teachers in basic education from grades 1 through 9. This degree includes a wide range of career options due to the fact that it specializes in training teachers to work with children of all different ages.

I elected to study this career because I have always been interested in transmitting knowledge and I like to work with children. I hope to generate change with my work as a teacher, giving my country a better level of education and forming citizens with integrity and a wide respect for values.

In the work world this degree will permit me to work as a teacher in Honduran schools whenever it is in the area of basic education.

My future

Above all, I hope to graduate, to work in either the public or private sector en Tegucigalpa or in Yuscaran and to help my family with economic expenses, along with my siblings and nieces/nephews so they can excel academically. I am also committed to helping my community since there are many people with scarce resources that have not been able to get ahead because of a lack of opportunities.

I feel very committed to God and with the church in my community, which has permitted me to get ahead in with my studies.

Upon finishing my degree, I hope at some time to continue with my studies and to obtain my master’s degree in teaching science. That is the biggest of my dreams.

I hope to be a recognized teacher that performs his job well and I hope to change the lives of those children that will surely expect the best of me.


Honduras Good Works
University Education Program
University Support
Student: Narmin
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (National Autonomous University of Honduras)
Year 2014


I give thanks to God in the first place for permitting me to continue my studies, Honduras Good Works, and the people that contribute economically so that such a program can be carried out in Honduras, so that one can benefit and be able to move ahead with their studies.

In a special way, thanks to Reverand Dagoberto Chacón for his great work in the Deanery of El Paraíso y that God bless him and guide him in every moment and place.


My name is Narmin and I have been a beneficiary of the scholarships of Honduras Good Works since 2007 when I began my studies on the Basic Plan at the Marco Aurelio Soto Basic Education Center in the municipality of Potrerillos in the Department of El Paraíso.

Later I entered Secondary School in 2010 and I graduated obtaining the Accounting and Public Accountant (commerce) diplomas at the Potrerillos Mineral Institute in the same town of Potrerillos.

And now I am helped by a university education.


Currently I study at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), which is located in the Department of Francisco Morazán since 1847.

It is an autonomous institution of the state of Honduras with the legal rights and duties of organizing, directing, and developing professional and higher education of the country. By constitutional decree it will contribute to scientific, humanistic and technological study, dissemination of culture, and to the study of national problems with the goal of participating in the transformation of Honduras society.

Curricular aspects:
Duration of the degree: 5 years full-time
Degree: Bachelor’s
Major: Bachelor’s of Banking and Finance

Fundamental activities associated with this degree plan/career:
In this degree plan/career the following activities are performed –
• To design, implement, develop programs and procedures of banking and finance systems and of the micro-finance sector.
• To analyze and resolve financial problems associated with general investing
• To establish and guide policies of the National Banking System
• To participate in the resolution of problems of administration in the exercise of basic functions in the banking sector and in the system of cooperative savings and credit of national and international interest
• To introduce operating mechanisms to obtain high levels of loans and credit recovery

In the future as a graduate of Banking and Finance I want to work in:
• Commercial banking, development banks
• Insurance companies, Savings and Credit Cooperatives, Stock Market, financial management of a private company, national and international financial institutions, independent practice

And I would like to continue studying in order to become specialized. There are possibilities of specialization in the country, the same that exist for the development of seminars, certificate programs, master’s degrees, etc. The best training opportunities are found abroad, mainly in Mexico, the United States, Panama, and Spain.


Honduras Good Works
Program: Education
Support: University
Student: Noé
University: Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras (UTH)
Year: 2014

Yuscarán, El Paraíso, July 21, 2014
Honduras Good Works

To all of the people dedicated to the scholarship project of the Honduran Episcopal Church, I wish you blessings and successes in your labors.

NoeChaconMy name is Noé and I want to thank the system of scholarships of the Episcopal Church since they have given me the opportunity to obtain the university scholarship. Thank you to Reverand Dagoberto Chacon because he always worries about people in need and thanks to him I managed to obtain this scholarship. And I give thanks to all of the people who worked together in order to be able to obtain these funds and that trust in my ability to be able to get ahead. I give thanks especially to God because thanks to God I do not give up and he gives me strength at every moment to continue with my studies.

To the people in charge of making this project a success, I hope the best for your and that God protects you and also guides you in your work, and fills you and your families with many blessings.

Thank you for the opportunity and for receiving my petitions and may God protect you at every moment.

Best regards,


My name is Noe. I am 22 years old. I was born in the community of Laínez on January 20, 1992. I am a scholarship recipient by way of the university scholarship program of the Episcopal Church in the Deanery of Yuscarán. I have two brothers, Dagoberto Chacón and William Chacón.

My father is Reverand Dagoberto Chacón. My father is pastor of the Episcopal Church in the Department of El Paraíso in the Diocese of Honduras. His dedication is to work for God and to help people who need it. He is a missionary of the congregations that belong to the municipality of Yuscarán, El Paraíso. He also is a pastor for parts of the Morocelí region in El Paraíso.

My mother is María Lorena Varela. She is a housewife and also does agriculture for a living. My family and I dedicate part of our time to the planting of crops like corn and beans for the sustenance of the family.

During my first 12 years of life it was in the community of Laínez where I studied for six year at the Policarpo Bonilla primary school. These years were very important for me since it was the start of my being interested in school. During those six years I completed my basic studies at that school. After finishing primary school, my family and I moved to the community of Laínez near the city of Yuscarán. It was in that city that I continued my studies at the Dr. Presentación Centeno Institute where I completed the basic technical cycle in three years and it was where my scholarship began with the Honduran Episcopal Church. After finishing my studies in the Basic Cycle, I decided to start a high school diploma program. To be able to continue studying I have to change cities and I decided to move together with mother and my brother Dagoberto to the city of Danlí, El Paraíso. In that city was where I studied for my diploma and I graduated with a diploma in science and humanities from the Teodoro Rodas Valle Institute. I realized that the basic diploma was not enough and I had to enter higher education in order to get ahead. It was there that I decided to study at the university and I enrolled at the Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras (UTH). Currently I am study computer engineering at that university. For that it was necessary to move from Danlí to Tegucigalpa.


Currently I study at the Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras. At that university I decided to study computer engineering. This university is located in Tegucigalpa in the Department of Francisco Morazán. At the university one has the option of selecting the degree plan they desire to pursue, from Bachelor’s, Engineering, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. I decided to study at UTH. I was analyzing which was the best option to study and this university was the most convenient since it was closest to my home and had the best options for class times. I began taking classes in the mornings from 7:00am to 12:00pm Monday through Thursday. After having advanced my studies I saw the necessity to change schedules since some classes no longer were offered in the morning time. I decided to study during the evening hours since it was more advantageous to have all of my classes at one time of day.

Currently I study from 5:00pm until 9:30pm from Monday through Friday. During those days I am essentially dedicated only to my studies and with the necessary sacrifice since Tegucigalpa is a very dangerous city. But with the help of God everything has gone well and my studies continue moving forward and my knowledge broadens each day.


The university degree that I am majoring in is computer engineering. It is the area in which I decided to study since I have always like technology and everything that has to do with computers. In my degree program I have learned a lot and have advanced with my studies. This degree path is one of the most important for development since the modern world is tied to technology and the majority of business functions are performed through technological means.

The computer engineer is a professional capable of acting productively on multidisciplinary teams, where one demonstrates abilities to work independently and with others, in addition to being able to show leadership in business. One can perform in the following areas:
• Business, industry, and public and private institutions that rely on and desire to implant computerized systems of information and control
• Companies for the service and maintenance of software and hardware for information systems and computation equipment.
• Industries with robotic applications
• Support businesses and support technology for telecommunications
• National and international corporations specialized in the installation of computer networks on a grand scale.
• Design, programming, and software implementation companies
• Consulting companies for control of computerized, industrial processes
• Public and private firms and foundations for scientific and technological research
• Companies that produce goods for mass consumption
• Companies associated with computer engineering
• Institutions of higher education

My future

My vision of the future is to try to get better each day professionally and personally. My objective is to have a university degree. At the moment in which I obtain my degree my desire is to begin working in an organized business that gives me opportunities for professional growth.

My objective is to work for a while to be able to experience what is needed and to be able to get myself settled economically and in the work world, so that I can create my own business, collaborate with others that need employment and opportunities for growth. Also to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that may be given to me in the future.

Also to be able to help my family that has always supported me and always accompanied me and advised me on how to do things correctly and to give my best effort by trying to do things well.

Trying to be able to work with as I’m able with people who are in need as you all have done with me at the moment of needing my scholarship.

Something that I would also like it to continue improving in the professional world, to continue with my academic preparation at the university in order to be able to get a more advanced education like a Master’s or Doctorate.

My future I leave in the hands of God who has guided my path throughout my whole life and is whom gives me strength to not surrender and to continue forward. For my part I’m giving my best effort so that everything turns out fine.

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