Mission Trip Refund Policy

Since money paid towards the mission trip is a donation for a specific purpose (the mission trip) it is considered a temporarily restricted gift. It is temporarily restricted until Honduras Good Works uses it for its intended purpose. If, for any reason, the money is not spent for that purpose , the following options are available, as per the donor’s wishes:

  • The donor advises HGW to keep it in temporarily restricted funds until the restrictions are met (a future mission trip)
  • The donor “unrestricts” the gift or restricts it for a different purpose.
  • The donor requests a refund.

Therefore the following policy regarding requests for refunds for unused mission trip donations is adopted:

  1. Persons wishing to go on the mission trip must pay a deposit equal to the airline penalty fee for late ticket cancellation, by the date determined by the Brigadier committee.
  2. Persons who cancel their trip before this date, can be refunded whatever they have paid
  3. Persons who cancel their trip after this date, but before airline tickets have been purchased, will be refunded whatever they have paid towards the trip, minus the non-refundable deposit, if so requested.
  4. Persons who cancel their trip after airline tickets have been purchased will be refunded whatever they have paid towards their trip minus the cost of the airline ticket and the travel agent’s fee, if so requested.
  5. Only the person whose name is on the ticket can use the ticket but the ticket belongs to them, and can be used as they choose, per airline restrictions and fees.

Adopted March 7 , 2018

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