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September 24, 2017
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What I did not expect

What I did not expect

By: Vince Michel – Volunteer

I do not even know how to begin telling my story, this was the first time that I had ever been on a mission trip of any kind. It has taken me a couple of months to even begin to be able to express how deeply this trip impacted me. It was rough being away from my wife and children (ages 7,4, 11/2) for a week, but when I realized what we were doing and all of the people we were helping, it was worth it, I got to use my Spanish quite a bit and was even able to improve it. All of this was in the context of having the privilege to help out in bringing some aid to some people, who desperately needed it. I saw and experienced things that I never could have imagined. Going on this trip will change you life forever, and make you realize what it means to help the least of these.

Meet Selvin Davila

Meet Selvin Davila

By: Brian McDonough – Board Member

Want to know more about how your support of our scholarship program is impacting the lives of young Hondurans? Listen to Selvin Davila, a graduate of our program share his experience and how his education has changed the lives of him and his family. We are excited to have him give back to his community as a member of this years Medical Brigade, volunteering his time and talent as a translator!

NEW! A Place To Share Your Stories

NEW! A Place To Share Your Stories

By: HGW Administrator – Volunteer

We love all of our volunteers and would like to give them a chance to share their stories with others. To add a story just fill in the form on the Our Stories page under “My Story”. To protect our website from spam and offensive material we will review stories before posting. The review process may take a few hours or it may take a few days, we’re all volunteers here.

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