You do not need to speak Spanish or have a medical background to be a volunteer.

You just need a loving heart and a desire to help others.

Mission Trip Prep

Every mission requires extensive preparation. Before departure, we schedule three different “packing parties” where volunteers break down bulk quantities of donated supplies into prescription-size portions that need to be carefully labeled and packed in shipping crates.


Throughout the year we have an ongoing campaign to raise funds for our programs through events, solicitation from individuals and grant requests from foundations and governmental agencies. Volunteers are always needed.

Communications & Publicity

Volunteers can assist with our website, newsletter, presentations, and publicity as we get the word out about Honduras Good Works.

Education Committee

The Education Committee makes several trips a year to Honduras to visit with our in-country team, visit the villages and schools, meet with the students, and audit the curriculum. Volunteers are always needed to assist in the logistics of administering and expanding this program.

Community Development

The logistics of helping our Honduran friends develop and build their own schools, community centers, and clinics is very complex. It must be done the Honduran way. Volunteers are always needed who have an understanding of the design, development and construction process—and the patience to work with Honduran building practices.



Your monetary donation can help sponsor a student’s education, help us purchase medicines and supplies for the mission trip, contribute toward construction of a church, buy an eco-stove for a home, donate to the water program or donate to our general fund to help us in all our activities.

Medical Supplies

We are always in need of supplies to take on our mission trips. These items include:

  • First Aid supplies
  • Tylenol
  • Ace Wrap Bandages
  • Hotel size soap and shampoo
  • School supplies

Schools Supplies

We can use the following school supplies:

  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

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