In response to our love of Christ, we are called to minister to the people of Honduras so they can break the cycle of poverty and alter the destiny of their country.

Beliefs, Hopes, Dreams, Ambitions, Faith: these inner strengths are what separate us from all other forms of life on earth. For a large portion of the rural Honduran population, they are without hope. They dare not dream of a better quality of life, of jobs that provide for their families, or of education for their children. They exist day to day, survive day to day. Honduras Good Works embraces the belief that we are not the ones who can alter the destiny of the Hondurans we serve. It is the Hondurans themselves who must do so. But we can provide some hope and tools that make it possible for them to take control of their lives. We are a Christian organization with roots in the Episcopal Church, but we welcome all who share in our ideals to join us in this important work.

Fr. Paul Moore

Spirit Committee Chair

Day of Theological Reflection


Honduras Good Works seeks to enhance the lives of the people of southeastern Honduras in Body (medical work,) Mind (educational support,) and Spirit (community and church development.) Since we work under the auspices of the Episcopal Church of Honduras, we offer a day of theological reflection in connection with the yearly medical mission. The topics discussed are provided by the local leadership. The format is that of a workshop. The purpose is always to enhance the local church leadership’s ability to steer their own course through the issues of their world in light of the principles of our common faith. The Rev. Dr. Paul Moore leads the workshops, and they are attended by congregational leaders and members of the mission team. Since begun in 2016 they have become a standard part of our efforts.

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