Honduras Good Works believes that regardless of one’s chosen religious affiliation, the spirit within us is what defines us.
Beliefs, Hopes, Dreams, Ambitions, Faith: these inner strengths are what separate us from all other forms of life on earth. For a large portion of the rural Honduran population, they are without hope. They dare not dream of a better quality of life, of jobs that provide for their families, or of education for their children. They exist day to day, survive day to day. Honduras Good Works embraces the belief that we are not the ones who can alter the destiny of the Hondurans we serve. It is the Hondurans themselves who must do so. But we can provide some hope and tools that make it possible for them to take control of their lives.

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News from our Spirit blog

Letter from Agusto Medina

We received this letter prior to our departure for this year's Medical Brigade to Honduras from Agusto Medina. Agusto has been working with Jo Ann Swahn through our Microfinance initiative to build a tile factory/cooperative that will provide good paying jobs to poor...

We Got It!

From Jo Ann Swahn, Microfinance Director A precious piece of paper has finally been approved, stamped, sealed and delivered into our hands! It is the official registration of the Honduran Tile Cooperative that allows this micro enterprise to operate and receive tax...

Honduras Good Works e-Reunion 2016

  Everyone has a story to tell.  What's your story? Honduras Good Works is calling on all current and former volunteers, donors, contributors, leaders, etc., from near and far, to join us in our first ever e-Reunion. You are a part of the HGW story, so share it! How...

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