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by | Mar 21, 2020 | Education

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Cindy Smith traveled to Honduras in February to conduct the spring scholarship meeting with students and their parents. February is the beginning of the school year in Honduras. She was met by Selvin Davila and Armando Aguilar, who are graduates of the program and now serve on the scholarship committee in Honduras. Local pastors also attended the meetings. Over the course of 3 days they traveled to 6 villages and met with 122 students and 130 parents from 21 villages in the area. This represents approximately ½ of the students Honduras Good Works supports, as not every village can be reached every trip. Having to travel to so many areas in a short period of time they were told about a “short cut” between villages. Cindy described it as being one “not for the faint of heart”! But fortunately, there were no travel mishaps. Cindy and the team touched base with several individual students and encouraged them in their studies.

Highlights from the trip included being awarded a formal thank you from the villages with awards of appreciation and acceptance, which were presented to Reverendo Dago and Cindy. Johan, a recent graduate came and shared his story with the group. After receiving technical training as an auto mechanic he is now employed in Tegucigalpa. He intends to help out in future meetings. Genesis, a disabled young woman in a wheelchair is attending high school and attends all the meetings. She always is an active participant and is treated as an equal in the group.

The topic for conversation this year was “Respect- for self and for others”. Students were divided into groups amongst themselves, as were parents, and discussions were held. There was a clear trend seen in the 6 villages-that there was concern about how respect is portrayed—in greetings, in verbal responses to others. Parents and students often thought they didn’t agree on what “Respecto” was to them. Yet when they stood up and shared the summaries of their discussions, a lot of common ground was found. Group discussions such as these improve communication and contribute to the maturity of our students. One group leader had each of the participant practice what they were going to say to the larger group in their small group, as a means of improving their public speaking skills-both for the students and the parents. Always find those teaching moments!

The next scholarship trip is planned for November 2020. The students and their families send their heartfelt thanks to you donors who continue to support their education, giving them HOPE for a better future.

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