Water Filter Project

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Community Development, Stories

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Since 2018, Honduras Good Works (HGW) has been placing home water filters with mothers in rural Honduran mountain villages where we have been providing medical care, vitamins to primary school children, and middle/high school scholarships for many years. We have been told that there is no clean public water and sometimes the purchased water even causes water born illnesses. Through donations HGW provides the funding for CareLink Foundation to purchase/place the filters and provide education/follow-up. In December 2019, the CareLink educators and I made home visits to 8 recent recipients of water filters. These filters provide a family with clean water for at least 10 years.

Bobbi with Sandy and her son.

Sandy, a 23-year-old housewife, with a five-year-old lives in a very humble home with a dirt floor. The husband works as a day laborer harvesting fields of beans, corn, or other crops. They have never been able to purchase clean water. The water for their home comes from a local coop via a community stream which they use to fill a small outdoor tank “pilla”. This water is used for bathing, brushing teeth, and washing clothes and dishes. In the dry season they only receive water three times a week. When drinking this water, they all had parasites (and yes, they all know what that means and that they have them) which caused stomach cramping, aches, with pain in lower abdomen. She stated that since they took worm medicine and received their water filter, they are parasite free! Her son is now asking for water and is drinking more water as the taste is so much better. The small village kindergarten primary school in her village now has its own water filter so the children get clean water at home and school.

Another proud filter owner!

In Yuscaran and Rancho Opisbo, HN, all the women were pleased with the health improvements seen in their family members: less diarrhea, no more complaints of belly pain, children asking for water to drink. When asked if they would return their filter, none of the women were willing to give it up, one even told me, “it has my name on it, YOU could not get it thru customs!”

If you would like to provide clean water to a family for 10 years, please make a donation of $100 per filter.


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