We received this letter prior to our departure for this year’s Medical Brigade to Honduras from Agusto Medina. Agusto has been working with Jo Ann Swahn through our Microfinance initiative to build a tile factory/cooperative that will provide good paying jobs to poor local villagers. We present his letter unedited as we felt it very powerful and touching as is.

Dear Brothers and sisters, this is a great year, and so many things are going on and others will happen pretty soon, one of those is the brigade that You are bringing to us, and in which I am intending to participate if You allow me to do so, as part of IDH representative, nevertheless, You may know that the cooperative work is still on, and due to that, I will probably not be able to participate some days of the week with You, but I Hope You may have the opportunity to stop by the facilities of the cooperative to see how much We have accomplished there. And be witnesses that of despite of the barriers found on the way, God has been so wonderful to us and still is working by our side in order that We with the help of YOU all, pretty soon, may become this dream true. Please say greet for me the rest of You.

I am looking forward to see You all.

Shalom.” – Agusto Medina


Building where tile are assembled.


Agusto’s office.









** No one associated with Honduras Good Works will derive any benefit from this tile cooperative other than a sense of pride for having helped some of Honduras poorest.

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