Everyone has a story to tell.  What’s your story?
Honduras Good Works is calling on all current and former volunteers, donors, contributors, leaders, etc., from near and far, to join us in our first ever e-Reunion.
You are a part of the HGW story, so share it!
How did you get involved with HGW?  How has your HGW experience impacted you?  How have you witnessed HGW’s impact on Hondurans?
We encourage you to share your thoughts, photos, and videos. No story is too small or too insignificant.
From time to time, we plan to share your stories through one of our social media platforms in order to illustrate your good works and the work of the many volunteers who have helped change lives in Honduras.
No need to get in a car or plane to attend this e-Reunion since it’s online. You can send your story to info@hondurasgoodworks.org or simply complete the following Google Form for your convenience.
Please send your responses by January 31, 2016!
See you at the e-Reunion!
HGW Board of Directors
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