Medical Brigade 2020

The dates for this year’s medical brigade are set for July 22 through July 29. Mark your calendars!

 Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran we suggest you visit our Medical Brigades page, you should find answers to most of your questions. Also while you are there be sure to familiarize yourself with our TRAVEL and REFUND policies. If you still have questions then contact us at!

Water Filter Project

Since 2018, Honduras Good Works (HGW) has been placing home water filters with mothers in rural Honduran mountain villages where we have been providing medical care, vitamins to primary school children, and middle/high school scholarships for many years. We have been...

“Just Care and Do”

By: Rebecca "Becky" Sparks, Volunteer One of the dilemmas that we consider as part of a group who regularly go to Honduras is whether sending monetary support of the same amount would have a greater effect than our presence. It is one thing I consider since I am not...

Diana’s Story

My name is Diana Sofia Rosales, and I am a 21 year old engineering student born and raised Honduras. Since I was very young, one of my dreams was to help the people around me. My dream came true when my University went on strike. I found myself with a lot of free...

Hondurans Helping Hondurans

We have 20 to 30 Honduran volunteers who help each year but many can not afford the time off without your help.


Your $25 donation will supply vitamins and anti-parasite medicine to twelve children for one year.

Water Filters

For $96 you can provide a family with a water filter, hygiene education, a follow up visit, and 10 years of clean water!


A $275 donation will allow a student to attend secondary school for a full year!