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There is a team of leaders who oversee daily activities, and the point-person will rotate each day. This helps reduce the stress on leadership and provide a broader power structure to address challenges.

Knowing Your Role

We have job descriptions available so that you can be confident in what you’re doing. Never been an AOD before? We’ll step you through it and provide training. Don’t quite know where you fit? Find what matches your passion and we’ll try to support you in it.

Morning meetings

We start each day with a short devotional. Following the devotional individuals are assigned to different teams. Each team travels to a different village each day. Individual assignments are given so that everyone knows his/her role before leaving for the day.


Breakfast and supper are served at our hotel. Outside campus, only bottled water is safe. We provide ample quantities of bottled water in the field. The brigade team purchases and carries lunch daily for the team.


Each day we break into four-five teams and go by bus and trucks to assigned rural villages for the day. Logistics are prearranged by local villagers who designate areas for our clinics and pharmacies and who register the patients we will see. You can expect to see as many as 200 patient families in a single day.

Stopping at the gas station

Our oasis at the end of the day is stopping at gas stations on the way home to load up with cold drinks, ice cream, and all kinds of snacks, including chocolate.


  • Small Groups: There are nightly meetings where you can share stories, information, tips and problems you faced in the day. A great way to build fellowship, and for the mission to find improvement.
  • Happy Hour: Following small group, there will be an hour for spending time with your friends, taking in the scenery, and winding down with your beverage.
  • Evening Worship: A short, optional compline is available. This is designed to be a more personal time with God, where you can worship and praise with others without feeling forced.
  • Preparation Work: Every evening there will be sign-up sheets for where help is needed, such as packing food boxes or readying trucks.

The Final Day

There is a “Stay Team” which remains in country as the mission leaves so that no one feels like they are left without a leader.

A Brief Note on Legal Matters

Alcohol will remain stored in a central location (though we will be improving access and organization on this), and riding in the backs of trucks is prohibited to Americans. We will have enough trucks to accommodate passengers.

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