Time, Talent, and Treasure Needed!

Since 1998, Honduras Good Works (HGW) has taken an annual medical brigade to the the mountainous rural area of Yuscaran, El Paraiso, Honduras. The medical brigade are volunteers including doctors, nurses, and translators who will see approximately 3,000 patients in a five day period. HGW’s medical brigade is the only non-emergency health care provider that visits these villages. The major illnesses observed and diagnosed include malnutrition, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and parasitic infections.

We are truly blessed to have convenient, accessible health care in America. Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters in Honduras lack access to health care. There are many obstacles that stand in their way including poverty, lack of infrastructure, and shortages of medical supplies and providers.  Often times, the pharmaceutical shelves at the government run health care clinic in Yuscaran lie empty.

In many cases, HGW’s medical brigade will be the only health care provider that the Hondurans will see for an entire year. That means many patients with chronic illnesses (epilepsy, hypertension, and diabetes) will be supplied with enough pharmaceuticals to treat their illness for one year.

Please help us lend a caring hand to our fellow Hondurans by donating your time, talent, and treasure.  Your donation will help fund the 2016 Medical Brigade by allowing us to purchase medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to support patient care.


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